Friday, July 24, 2009

Road Trip!

My girlfriend, Ashlee called my up yesterday about 9 am and asked me if I wanted to go on a road trip with he to Greer to see her mom. Her mom was down from Utah and she hadn't seen her since April. So I figured things out at home and run away with her for the day. It was a 3 and a half hour drive. It was a beautiful scenic drive. On the way there we listened to the radio and Avril and sang along to it. Poor Ashlee endured my singing. We were so goofy at times. Once we got there it was so nice to sit outside and talk. Here in the Valley of the Sun, you just don't do that right now. It was 87 degrees and a nice cool breeze blowing.

Ashlee's parent's are so nice. They fed us and Ashlee got caught up on family events. It made me long for my mom. We took a few pictures of the day and you tell me if we are not as silly as teenage girls!!!

This was Ashlee's 1st and 2nd attempt at taking our picture! I finally got a decent one of us...

On our way home we had a few more adventures. There were some truckers that got in our way and delayed our arrival home by 30 to 45 minutes so we weren't very happy about it. Here is a picture of those bad boys...

Below is Ashlee's angry face in response to those crazy truckers who were just plain rude.

Scary, huh??
This was my fac
e once she hit the accelerator!

After that excitement, I was bored so this is what I did:

Cute kissy face! Bored face!

Cute Toe Pic!

The last but not least silly picture! My pretty eyeball!! I'm watching you!!


  1. Hah! You two girls are just too silly for me, I think :) jk I love it! Good to see you finally got out of your crazy house for a bit.

  2. I love the silliness! I say we should never grow out of that :) I also wanted to thank you for the kind comment on my photo blog. I've been trying to take a picture for each day of this year. Getting comments really helps me stay motivated so thank you.