Monday, July 13, 2009

One Month til School Starts!!

Today I was reminded that the kiddos will start school in a month. I am so excited about this. They are so bored at home, and I am tired of watching them be bored. There are only so many friends to get together with, and so many chores that can I am willing to yell at them to do. Our home gets really hot in the afternoon because we are on the time of use and so we all get a bit testy in the afternoon. Today was worse than usual, I was the cranky one! We should have a back to school party! Who wants to join me??


  1. Come on over to go swimming!!! We are in the pool just about everyday. Also, you need to take the boys to mud mania on Friday in Scottsdale. They have to wear clothes you're going to trash anyway and tennis shoes (we're wearing last years' school shoes). We'll be there!!!

  2. I want to come to your party! Oh wait, we are like 800 miles away. Darn. We'll just have to party here when you bring Kazhia up. Nice blog--you don't happen to enjoy Twilight, do you?!!

  3. Thanks for the nice compliments. Yes I adore Twilight. I can't help it.... He's just so darn perfect, sort of.

    Not sure about the mud mania Shellee. It kinda scares me.

    We'll have a party in UT too, ok??