Friday, September 23, 2011

This was one of my first attempts of water color.  For the base I used Tokyo Pearl by Sinful Colors, then swirled Black on Black and Mint Apple also by Sinful Colors.  Can u tell I love the brand??  Its a Walgreen's brand that spreads nicely and is inexpensive.  Who knew you could have both?? 

Red Teal and White Practice

The base I used is Tokyo Pearl.  And the colors that are swirled are Dancing Nails by Sinful Colors and Gorgeous by Sinful Colors.  I think. This was in early practice mode.

Crackle Technique

This is a great look at the Crackle Polish.  I used Black OPI Crackle and Dancing Nails by Sinful colors.  A few tricks when using Crackle by any brand;  1. Base color MUST be dry before doing crackle. The longer the better.  2.  Longer nails crackle better.  3.  Use as little as it takes to cover surface.  One thin coat is all that is required.

 This is what every princess needs, Pink Sparklies!!  I used OPI  Wing it with Claire's Pure Ice Spit Fire.  The top pic is in a bright lit room, the bottom is indoor natural lighting.  Its easy, but looks fabulous when done!

Fall Festivities

I really like how these turned out! Reminds me of Fall, when leaves change colors if u live outside of Phoenix, AZ that is! I used Tokyo Pearl by Sinful Colors as the base, then Cloud 9 by Sinful Colors, Chic Peek by Ulta Professional, then Light house by China Glaze. Next time a red instead of brown may be a great fit!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Groovy Rainbow Nails

I used, several different colors for this Design.  The background color is Tokyo Pearl by Sinful Colors (Walgreens Brand).  Then I swirled Innocent by Sinful Colors, Oasis by Sinful Colors, Why Not by Sinful Colors and Lighthouse by China Glaze.  This by far has been my favorite mix of colors so far.

Back Again!

Its been forever since i blogged!!  I am sure Facebook is getting tired of my ramblings about my nail art.  Its a new passion of mine.  I am enjoying the creative outlet.  This may be the new home to all of my nail art and anything else I decide to get passionate about as well!!