Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Getting Ready for Kazhia's Homecoming and Christmas

There is so much to do to get ready for Kazhia to come home and Christmas. I am starting to attempt to declutter and Matt is getting a few things done around here that need to be done and Christmas is a good excuse to do them. We have done some shopping as well. I am not sending out a Christmas card, but I will send out a New Year's card 'cuz Kaz won't be here to be in the pictures so we had to wait. I didn't think about that in August. Oh well less stress, right?

We are so excited to have Kazhia come home, our house is so different without her here. Everyone misses her whether they want to admit to it or not. I am sure it will feel that way as each of them leave the house.

Christmas is a special time of year. I really love the cooler weather and the charitable feelings that go with it. There are always good people doing good things for others and we don't hear about those until Christmas time. I have lots of fond Christmas memories of growing up with my folks and ones with my kids also. Some are goofy and some are near and dear to my heart. I always take lots of pictures or assign someone to. It drives my family crazy.

A fond memory that I have was when I was in jr high and it was our first year in Chicago and I was always cold. I mean freezing cold. So my parents ought me this ugly, homely pink robe. I pretended to be excited. As it turns out that was the warmest robe ever. It has lasted so long that Kazhia wears it. Luckily she actually likes pink.. Write some of your favorite Christmas memories as comments. I would love to read them.