Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Weeklong Birthday Celebration!!

I have had a great birthday week! It started on Columbus day. My dad took a slew of us out to a birthday dinner at Auntchilada's. It was great! We had tacos, enchaladas, cheese crisps, chips and salsa. My dad, and his girlfriend Rita, Berta and her kids. Erick and his girlfriend Jessica, Elliot. My kids also were there and of course Matt too!. We sat on the patio and had a great time. My dad not only paid for dinner, but he gave me a card with a few bucks too!! Rita and company gave me a sweater, scarf and a bag. It was a lot of fun and everyone had more than enough to eat! Thanks Dad!!
On Friday, Matt and I went out for my birthday dinner like we usually do. We went to Red Lobster and I had all you can eat shrimp and was wonderful. Their prices have really gone up over the years, we are not planning on heading back there anytime soon. I got a Chi straightener from Matt, it is awesome. It is a special edition breast cancer one. It's pink with light silver ribbons on it. It is amazing how much of a difference a great straightening iron makes. Saturday I went to a humanitarian service project day at our church. It was fun, I helped do some coloring and put together some holiday things. Garrett did some quilt tying with a handicapped guy in a wheelchair. Kyler did some holiday projects too, and he also did some sewing teddy bears. I hung out with my great friend. I also tried to donate blood. My iron was too low and they didn't want to take it from me. So as we go to our cars and my friend gave me a birthday present. She gave me a New Moon shirt, the New Moon sound track and a key chain. It was great!!! My boys are getting sick of the music. I attempted to go shopping with a girlfriend, but the in-laws showed up and off to dinner we went!!

On Saturday night, I went to dinner with Matt's parents. We went to Olive Garden. It was a lot better than I expected it to be. They took the whole Family and gave me a card with some bucks in it too. It was a fun time!! So I used all of my extra bucks to help pay for my straightening iron. So I owe my awesome hair to also my dad and my in laws!! So thanks so much!!
On my actual birthday, the 19th. I was gonna eat something from home, but I decided at work that I really wanted Panda Express. So we had that. After dinner my good friend came by and gave me a book, and everyone disappeared. So i figured that the boys were off doing their own thing. I sat down ans was gonna read my book, and all of a sudden people wanted to know where I was. Nobody ever cares where I am. Then I hear "shut your eyes". So I do, and I smell something burning. Not a good smell in a house full of boys. When I am allowed to open my eyes, I see a Cheesecake with 37 candles in it. The boys sing a quick Happy Birthday before the candles completely burn the cake down. And yes, I am full of HOT air! I was able to get them all out in one breath!! Kyler made a card that evening and gave it to me before he went to bed that night. He used my scrapbook stuff and worked so hard in his room all evening.
Another gift I got was a super sweet video from my darling daughter that was away at BYU. She told me how wonderful she thinks I am, and that she misses making dinner with me. Ahhhh, the simple things in life....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catching Up.......

Well--- So much has happened since this summer~ I worked at Bath and Body Works for about a month, I kept getting fewer and fewer hours, then school started. I started subbing, it was steady three days a week usually. So things were looking up as far as job opportunities. I had a interview with Walgreen's call center, and I got a full time job. I am at the call center in Tempe right across the street from Matt. So, we have been carpooling the past month. At first he didn't really care for it because I interfered with his space, and the way he liked things just so. Now, I think he likes it much better. It's nice to have a captive audience! :) My shift will change in November and we won't be carpooling as often, I think we will be able to go together 3 days a week.

Adjusting to working full time has been a challenge for everyone. I am spreading myself really thin between work, kids, making dinner and getting groceries. It gets pretty insane around here some days. The kids are home more by themselves and haven't always made the best decisions in the world. They are getting on each others nerves more often. They are hungry and cranky by the time we get home. And Matt is helping out more than he is used to as well. But we are all surviving and doing much better now. Thank goodness. I will post another topic soon since I have so much to write about.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spotlight #4

Kyler is the youngest kiddo in the mellorclan!! He is 10 years old, finally in double digits! Scary for me.. He is a happy, happy kid. He does very well in school too. He is a Webelos Cub Scout and loves to go to scouts. He went to scout camp with the big boys cuz dad was teaching a class, and he learned the merit badge that Matt was teaching the day before and helped out the big kids. He got a huge kick out of that. This week he helped Matt with the garden and the lawn! He is a trooper with that stuff.

He had a tooth pulled last week or so, and it was a molar and really cool looking and he didn't want to give it to the tooth fairy, so he left her a note and asked if she could leave the money and not take the tooth. She was so surprised by that she did nothing, so Matt said not to put the tooth under his pillow and gave him a dollar. It was priceless!

Of course, he loves video games and internet stuff. He sends his sister things from the Disney channel site. So cute. He misses her so much. He gets on the phone with her and discusses the latest Harry Potter book he's read and they have a nice chat about it. Or he'll even text her once in a while. I am not sure he'll leave her side when she comes home at Christmas. They are just two peas in a pod almost ten years apart.

He just went to a birthday party for a friend from school, and he was the cutest hobo anyone has ever seen. Hmmmmm. Maybe I should have him go earn his keep.... He would make a fortune by the freeway!! LOL!! No way, he's my little hobo!