Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Emergency Room Visit

I get a call at 4:00, from Matt telling me he is on his way home and he did something stupid. So I slowly ask "What?" Then he proceeds into this story of how he was using his pocketknife to cut some loose strings from his pants pocket and it slipped. So of course, I start laughing. I just couldn't help it. What would you do??? He wasn't sure if it was that bad and wanted me to look at it. He gets home quicker than usual, and I look at the flap.. I am pretty sure it needs a doctor to look at it. So, I take him to the ER and at first the nurse practitioner says oh we'll see. It might need one stitch. Well after it was numb and cleaned out he saw the flap for what it was and he needed three (3). This is a picture of the nurse practitioner stitching it up. Then Matt also got to have a Tetnus shot. Lucky man!


  1. Ouch! Matt be more careful with the pocket knife!

  2. Hahaha That's our boy :) what a spaz! I found you now!

  3. Haaa haaaa. Curt and I both were laughing.

    I'm surprised you got this picture, they wouldn't even let me near Curt's sliced arm.

    You need to buy him a small pair of sewing scissors, you know, the kind that fold up into themselves... or some preschool dull scissors. :)

  4. The np actually suggested I take the pic. I wanted to get it with the flap open, but I missed it, darn it. He won't use the scissors, he loves his knife. He won't have another silly mishaps for a while, so all is well.