Sunday, August 02, 2009


I think I am going to spotlight one of my kids on my blog every day! They are great kids and deserve some recognition for being them. The first one I want to spotlight is Garrett. He is 13 and has been a handful. Yesterday Matt and I were upstairs having a "discussion" and the atmosphere was kinda tense. The kids cleaned up the downstairs, and Garrett even put things away that weren't his. He cleaned and put away things he wasn't assigned to do. It was so nice to come downstairs and find the house looked really nice. He always has enjoyed helping others, it's just that he may not always show that side of himself. He has such a good heart. I'm really proud of the young man that Garrett has become. Love ya!!


  1. I must say that he has come a long way from where he "used to be". What a trooper you are Kez! Way to go bab-ay!

  2. I agree that he has a side that is very sweet. I love that he and Aaron get along so well.
    I hope the "tense discussion" is a lot better today.