Monday, August 03, 2009

Spotlight #2

Today's spotlight is Kazhia. She is 18 years old and is heading off to BYU on August 25th. She was #10 in her high school class out of 533. Her favorite subject is English. She also was on the dive team and played the cello. She loves to read!!! Some of her favorite books are Jane Austin, Twilight Series, Harry Potter Series and I can go on and on with the list.

She has always been a sweet person. She is always concerned about others and their feelings. She is a hard worker at school, work, and at home. She has a strong spiritual side in her. She is a giant in her understanding of Godly things. We love her and are going to miss her dearly when she leaves off to college. (Kazhia is on the left side. Her buddies are Nikki and Kylee. We love them too!)

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  1. Oh man...Were gonna have to have a crying session when she leaves us huh?! I'll supply the junk food cuz im good at doing that :) I love her!!! And I love you too :)