Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day!!

We had a great day! Matt made a video just for Kazhia. I decided to post it too. We were at the Mellor's in Globe.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I finally watched New Moon, and the special effects were so much better than Twilight!! It was a great movie, one I plan to watch over and over again. I wish the producers would put more details in it and make it 3 to 4 hours long. All of us would love it, right?? So there is my critique of the movie basics.

I love NEW MOON!! I love the story line. I totally can relate with Bella's deep profound sadness, and the joy of being with "him" once again. I to have found myself in similar situations. It brings back powerful memories of my life.

I can understand how Jacob is her sun and fills her hole in her heart when he is around. But, as she is away from him the hole comes back and she feels empty. I know how someone can fill a wounded heart. For me, it isn't someone of the opposite sex. Although a friend like Jacob would do wonders.. :) Many times it is a trusted girlfriend that brings me back from the point of feeling complete and utter destruction. Many of my friends fill my heart when it is wounded, and I am so grateful for these wonderful women I have in my life. Here's to all of u!

Friday, November 06, 2009

A sad night...........

There had been this smell in the house for a couple of days, you see. We thought it was the bathroom, so we looked and nothing (amazing as that may be), then we went to each of the boy's rooms. It seemed to be coming from Garrett's room. So I told him to clean it and get the dirty laundry out. This did not help. Matt decided to check on Garrett's hamster, named Ryan. Well let's just say he went to hamster heaven. :( Matt buried him in the backyard in a kleenex box. Garrett was so sad, and we were sad for him. I am sure all will be well with Garrett soon. He is a trooper!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pics from Trunk or Treat and Halloween


This was a mostly fun Halloween! We had trunk or treat at church on the 30th, and a Chili Cookoff. There wasn't hardly enough Chili to go around. The attendance was great. Kyler was a hobo and Garrett was a vampire! Zack was with his friends Brad and Chris for the evening on the other side of the church parking lot. Then Saturday was a busy day. I started off the day by making a dessert for the RS craft day. While I did that Matt was preparing the pork roast in the crock pot for the missionary dinner that night. Then I had to stop at Hobby Lobby to get some papers for my craft. Then I finally made it to the craft day. I did a plaque that says family, and it is cute, but of course not finished. So I will post it once done. Then we cleaned the church right after, it was our turn in the rotation. Then we got home about 2 pm. My stomach was churning and cramping and while finishing straightening up the house I ran upstairs and hung my head in the toilet until the desire to puke left. Meditation is a grand thing. I decided to lay down for 30 minutes and drink some gatorade. Needless to say I am sure I was dehydrated and the gatorade helped. Then I got up and finished preparing dinner to feed the missionaries and my friend Ashlee. The pulled pork sandwiches were great, and we have a lot left over. Then they had to leave quickly and Ashlee left and Kyler and Garrett went Trick or Treating. This year we went further than we ever have. We did our whole subdivision. Kyler usually wants to go home before we do that. The boys carved really awesome jack-o-lanterns this year too. I am just glad it's over! On to the "real" holidays!!

Garrett's Bday!

Garrett had a great birthday! We took him to Native New Yorker and Cold Stone. Yum!!! Than we got home and he blew out candles and we had cake. That was good! Then he got his present. He got a new internal frame really cool back pack. It's big and adjustable as he grows!!