Friday, November 06, 2009

A sad night...........

There had been this smell in the house for a couple of days, you see. We thought it was the bathroom, so we looked and nothing (amazing as that may be), then we went to each of the boy's rooms. It seemed to be coming from Garrett's room. So I told him to clean it and get the dirty laundry out. This did not help. Matt decided to check on Garrett's hamster, named Ryan. Well let's just say he went to hamster heaven. :( Matt buried him in the backyard in a kleenex box. Garrett was so sad, and we were sad for him. I am sure all will be well with Garrett soon. He is a trooper!


  1. OOOOOOHHHHHH NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I know the feeling! I know the feeling! :( im so sad for him right now! :'( hang in there little buddy, it'll all get better soon! Love ya!

  2. Oh poor Garrett! How long was it dead before you guys realized it??? I hope he feels better soon!! Garrett I mean....